Michael Sammler

This is a website for my current
body of work. (Updated June 26th, 2011)  Most Recent

List of work by year:



2011 -  Looking for Artist residencies in the Yokohama area. 

2010 -  Hanabi Magazine graphic design, Winter Spring, and now Summer issue.

出展から写真 Pictures of the show
Art Exhibit - August 23rd-29th, 2010

2009 -  Hanabi Magazine graphic design, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall issues. Worked on small acrylic sketches.

2008 "Dear Successor..: An Elementary school handbook of games for ALTs"

Started working on a book of games for teaching English to kids. Made all the illustrations associated with the book.
Worked on a magazine called "Hanabi" (fireworks). Made covers, illustrations, and did the layout for four issues. 
Still working full time teaching English in Japan and studying Japanese.
Passed the JLPT level 3 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

2007- Had a solo show at another coffee shop. Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Fine Art. Moved to Japan to teach English in elementary schools.

2006 - Started studying Japanese and had an art show at a local coffee shop.

2005 -Visited space and found water on Mars.